Our 12th Annual tractor drive will be held on Sunday, August 4, 2019. Meet at Gaumer Park at 8:30AM to register and the drive will begin precisely at 9AM. We are allowing riders with seat belts and or arm rests with properly built buddy seats as shown below.

Lunch will be enjoyed at the Blackstone Bloom Field Park on Route #83 around noon. Old Steam & Gas Club will furnish meat, buns, beverages and table service for a potluck.

Route: Starting at Gaumer Park, Adamsville,

QUALIFICATIONS: Driver must be 16 years of age with a valid Ohio drivers license.  Drivers must follow all traffic laws. There will be absolutely NO passing other tractors. Everyone must stay with the group at all times. Tractors must drive on the shoulder of the road when possible to allow other traffic to pass. Drivers must follow the designated route at all times. Must display a slow moving vehicle sign on each tractor. Working lights are encouraged but are not mandatory. Must be able to  maintain 8 mph at all times.  A donation will be accepted at sign in and will be donated to a local charity. You may drive any running tractor, old or new..