BOX 125 - Gratiot, Ohio  43740
  July-Aug-Sept              osagcd.com                       2020      
Our club meetings are the 3rd Sunday   Location: Tractor pulls are at Gaumer A Note From Our President
   of every month unless noted - 3:00 PM   Park unless otherwise noted. I hope this newsletter finds you and your
Washington Twp. Fire Dept., Zanesville, OH   No food trailer allowed this year.    family healthy and well.  To say the last 
July 19, 2020 3PM   bring your own food & water.   three months has been tough is an under-
Regular meeting –     Garden Tractor Pull Schedule     statement. The decision to cancel all club
Aug. 16, 2020 3PM   Kevin Dreier, Chairman  740-819-8215   activities through June was not an easy
Meeting - Muskingum County Fair   July 4   Gaumer Park (heavy/light)    6PM   one to make but to follow the guidelines
Sept. 20, 2020 3PM   July 16  Gaumer Park (light/heavy)   6PM   set forth by local and state leaders we
Regular meeting     Adamsville Homecoming- May Change   didn't have any choice in the matter.
    July 26 Gaumer Park (heavy/light)  10AM   Now for some good news!!!  Club
     SPECIAL EVENTS       Aug 8   Gaumer Park (light/heavy)   10AM   activities will resume starting with the
July 4 Cook out /pot luck dinner   Aug 18 Musk. Co Fair (heavy/light)    8AM                   garden tractor pull on July 4 at Adamsville.
CANCELED due to the Coronavirus.   Aug 29  Gaumer Park (light/heavy)   6PM   The club will follow the guidelines set forth
Aug. 2nd -13th Annual Tractor Drive   Sept 19 Guernsey Co Fair  (h/l)       10AM   as to social distancing, hand washing etc.
Meet at Gaumer Park @ 8:30am            Old Washington, Ohio   as is being done to protect health of all
For Health & Safety reasons, no lunch   Sept 27 Gaumer Park (light/heavy) 10AM   participants. Besides social distancing and
will be provided. Bring your own food   Oct 11 Gaumer Park (heavy/light)   10AM   hygiene a few changes you will see this 
and plenty of water.       year are: No food stand at garden tractor
Sat. Aug.15th – Take displays to the        Shows & Parades           pulls (feel free to bring your own food and
Muskingum County Fair. Our location   July 4 Annual cook out -Canceled   pop/water with you), No July 4th picnic. The
is beside the Veterans Building   July 15 Adamsville Parade-line up 5:30PM   tractor drive we are asking you to bring your
Be sure to sign in.   July 24 25, 26 Blackstone's Show, Rt 83   own lunch and drinks (pop/water). It was
    Aug 2 Tractor Drive (Gaumer Park)  8:30AM   decided at the January meeting to have the
2020 Club Officers   Aug 15 Take displays to Musk. Co Fair   annual awards banquet catered and location
BRAD McCUNE . . . . . . . . . . President   Aug 22 ?? Parade - Muskingum Co Fair    was changed to Grace U.M. Church in
CALEB BAKER           . 1st V. President      (sign in & line up at the club tent- 4PM)   Zanesville for a more centralized location
ANDY PROUTY . . . . . 2nd V. President Nov 7 Veterans Parade, Zanesville  9AM   and change the date to November as the
MARTHA PROUTY. . . . . . .   Secretary   Nov 14 Annual Achievement Awards   week or so before Christmas is a very busy
BARBARA GUTRIDGE . . ..  Treasurer   Grace U.M. Church- Zanesville 5PM   time for most families. Along with the
JULIE UPHOLD . . . .. .      Membership   Dinner will be catered by Chef Steve.   garden tractor pulling schedule starting, the
T.J. HOLDREN . . . . . . . . . . . . Trustee   Donations will be accepted at the door.   next scheduled show will be our display at
BRUCE McCONNELL  . . . . . . Trustee   Dec 5 Dresden "Home for the Holidays"   the Muskingum County Fair. I hope you will
MIKE PROUTY . . . . . . .  . . . . Trustee                 parade. Line up at 5PM   plan to bring in your tractors/equipment to
JENNIFER McCUNE .  Food Chairman   Still looking for a volunteer to take over the   share with fair goers and help continue to
FLO NOLAND. . .  . . . . . . . . . Historian   newsletters and the web page. Contact   promote agricultural history. If you have any
    President, Brad McCune 740-281-4579   questions about the fair feel free to give me
    if interested in one or both. Thank you!   a call. To check club activities go to our
THIRTEENTH ANNUAL TRACTOR DRIVE – SUN., AUG. 02, 2020   website and check for any updates as
Meet at Gaumer Park at 8:30AM for registration. Leave precisely at 9AM   times and dates may need to change. 
Qualifications: Driver must be 16 years of age with valid Ohio drivers license.   Hope to see you soon!!!! Brad
Must follow all traffic laws. No riders. No passing. Stay with group at all times.    
Drive on shoulder of the road when possible. Follow designated route at all times.   2020 Featured Tractor
Display slow moving vehicle sign.  Working lights are encouraged but not mandatory.   John Deere
$5.00 donation accepted & will go to a local charity. Maintain 8 mph at all times. You   2020 Featured Garden Tractor
 may drive any running tractor, old or new. If you don't have a tractor to drive, grab a   John Deere
lawn chair & sit along the road and watch the parade go by. For health and safety reasons   2020 Featured Engine
due to Corvid-19 no lunch will be provided. Please bring your own food and plenty of water.   John Deere
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