P.O. BOX 125 - GRATIOT, OH 43740
Oct., Nov., Dec.          osagcd.com                     2020
Our club meetings are the 3rd Sunday   Location: Tractor pulls are at Gaumer   The year 2020 for the Old Steam &
   of every month - 3:00 PM    Park unless otherwise noted.   Gas Club has been very unusual and
Washington Twp. Fire Department       extreme to say the least.  Due to the
2310 Adamsville Road, Zanesville, OH   Garden Tractor Pull Schedule   Coronavirus Pandemic, our planned
**Unless otherwise noted**   Kevin Dreier, Chairman 740-819-8215   schedule had to be altered numerous
    Marti Prouty, Coordinator/Announcer   times throughout the year.  We thank all
Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020   Andrea Prouty, Coordinator/Announcer   of you for your understanding and
Annual Achievement Awards       patience during this trying time. To begin
Dinner at 5:00 PM   Sunday, November 1, 2020   the season we had to cancel our annual
Social distancing will be observed   Garden tractor pullers wrap up meeting   mall show but hope to resume that event
Please bring your own mask.   First Settlement Physical Therapy   in the spring of 2021.  All meetings and
Dec. 20, 2020 - NO MEETING   3590 Maple Ave., Zanesville, OH   other events including the garden tractor
2021 CLUB OFFICERS   See Facebook for details   pulls were canceled through the end of
BRAD McCUNE    .    . . . . . .  President   Annual Achievement Awards   June. July 4th was the beginning of the
CALEB BAKER             1st V. President   Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020   pulling season for the garden tractors
ANDY PROUTY            2nd V. President   Washingnton Twp. Fire Department   with some of their scheduled pulls being
MARTHA PROUTY. . . . . .  .   Secretary   2310 Adamsville Road   canceled throughout the summer as well.
BARBARA GUTRIDGE.  . . ..   Treasurer   Zanesville, Ohio 43701   We were finally able to hold a club
JULIE UPHOLD . . . . .. .     Membership   Baked Steak dinner is being   meeting July 19th at the Washington 
T.J. HOLDREN . . . . . . .  . .  .    Trustee   catered by Chef Steve at 5:00 PM   Township Fire Department. The air
MIKE PROUTY  . . . . . . . . . .     Trustee   Awards will be presented at 6:00PM   conditioning in their meeting room was a
BRUCE McDONNELL. . . . . .     Trustee   Be sure to phone your reservations   welcome reprieve from the heat.
FLO NOLAND  . .                     Historian   for a meal to Brad at 740-281-4579   Since the Muskingum County Fair was
Jan. 17, 2021 - 3:00 PM   before Nov. 7, 2020   canceled, there was no show, no pull and
Regular Meeting   Baskets will be available for any   no parade.  We were able to have the
Feb. 21, 2020 - 3:00 PM   donation you would like to make to   tractor drive as usual thanks to Mike 
Regular Meeting   help defray the evening's costs.   Prouty's planned route. Each driver took
March 21, 2020 -3:00 PM   Social distancing will be observed!   a sack lunch instead of the usual picnic.
  Please provide your own masks.   The Guernsey County Fair was also
  Cooperation will insure our safety.   canceled which eliminated the garden
  There will be a drawing for three free   tractor pull at that location.  We are still
  club memberships for 2021.    planning to have the Annual "Awards
  A 50/50 drawing will be offered.   Achievement" dinner at the 
  Washington Twp. Fire Dept. - Saturday,
    November 14, 2020 at 5 PM with the
    meal being catered by Chef Steve.
    We will practice the required social
      distancing with no Santa and no gift
2021 Feature Tractors:     exchange as in years past.  This dinner
John Deere     will complete our schedule for 2020 and
Featured Garden Tractor     we hope to be able to resume our regular
John Deere     meetings and scheduled events January
Featured Engines:     2021. We lost five faithful members this
John Deere   The garden tractor members have had   year. They each will be sadly missed.
    a very successful pulling year despite   We wish you all many blessings during
Thot: Appreciate where you are in your   the corona pandemic.They are making   the holiday season and look forward
journey, even if it's not where you want   plans at this time to update the sled to   to a new beginning in 2021. Thank you
to be. Every season serves a purpose.   improve their events even more.Thank   to all who helped in any way in keeping
    you folks for all your hard work.   our club active throughout the past year.
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