Oct., Nov., Dec.          osagcd.com                     2021
Our club meetings are the 3rd Sunday   Location: Tractor pulls are at Gaumer   The year 2021 for the Old Steam &
   of every month - 3:00 PM    Park unless otherwise noted.   Gas Club has been very interesting
Washington Twp. Fire Department       and somewhat back to normal.
2310 Adamsville Road, Zanesville, OH   Garden Tractor Pull Schedule   The garden tractor committee has 
**Unless otherwise noted**   Andy Prouty, Chairman 740-502-4244   worked hard upgrading their pulling
    Marti Prouty, Coordinator/Announcer   sled and roller to make their pulls 
Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021   Andrea Prouty, Coordinator/Announcer   very efficient, rewarding and profitable
Election of officers       experience this year.
    Sept. 26 Gaumer Park  L/H  10AM   We were able to return to the Colony
Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021   Oct. 10  Gaumer Park  H/L  10AM   Square Mall for our annual show in
Annual Achievement Awards   Sunday, November-TBA   April with a good number of displays. 
Dinner at 4:00 PM   Garden tractor pullers wrap up meeting.   The 14th annual tractor drive took place
Social distancing will be observed   Watch web site for details.   August 1 with drivers meeting and
    Annual Achievement Awards   unloading at Ross Agri-Mechanics.
Dec. 19, 2021 - NO MEETING   Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021   They drove to Black Hand Gorge in
    The Banquet Room   Toboso and back to Rick & Lisa Van-
2021 CLUB OFFICERS   730 Putman Ave., Zanesville   Wye's shelter at the ponds for a potluck
BRAD McCUNE    .    . . . . . .  President   (The old Nichols Restaurant)   picnic. Thank you David McConnell for
CALEB BAKER             1st V. President   Baked Steak dinner is being   providing the sign in and parking area.
ANDY PROUTY            2nd V. President   catered by Chef Steve at 5:00 PM   Thank you to Rick and Lisa VanWye
MARTHA PROUTY. . . . . .  .   Secretary   Awards will be presented at 6:00PM   for hosting the picnic & providing shelter.
BARBARA GUTRIDGE.  . . ..   Treasurer   Be sure to phone your reservations   A complimentary donation was made to
JESSE WILSON. . . .. .       Membership   for a meal to Brad at 740-281-4579   Mt. Olive Church in memory of Charlie
T.J. HOLDREN . . . . . . .  . .  .    Trustee   before November 5, 2021   Ross. The Muskingum Co. Fair was
MIKE PROUTY  . . . . . . . . . .     Trustee   Baskets will be available for any   enjoyed with 51 displays, a good day of
BRUCE McCONNELL. . . . . .     Trustee   donation you would like to make to   garden tractor pulling on Friday and
FLO NOLAND  . .                     Historian   help defray the evening's costs.   antique parade on Saturday.
    Social distancing will be observed!   Fifteen or more tractors were in the
Jan. 16, 2022 - 3:00 PM   Please provide your own masks.   antique parade at the fair.
Regular Meeting   Cooperation will insure our safety.   A fall tractor drive is being planned
Feb. 20, 2022 - 3:00 PM   There will be a drawing for three free   at Ross Agri-Mechanics and Rick and
Regular Meeting   club memberships for 2022.    Lisa VanWye's picnic grounds.
March 20, 2022 -3:00 PM   A 50/50 drawing will be offered.   The fall foliage should be beautiful 
Regular Meeting       to be enjoyed by drivers through 
  Fall Show at Rural King   Western Muskingum County in October.
  There will be a fall antique show at the   A tractor show will be held at Rural 
  Rural King store 61750 Southgate   King in Cambridge on October 2nd.
  Parkway, Cambridge, OH 43725   The Annual Achievement Awards
  On Saturday, October 2nd from    dinner will be held November 13th  to
  10am to 3pm. We invite all of you to    complete our schedule for 2021.
  take your antiques to display for the   We hope to be able to resume our 
  community to see what our club has   meetings and scheduled events January,
    to offer. There will be refreshments   2022. We lost five faithful members this
2022 Feature Tractors:   supplied by the store. You may want   year. They all will be sadly missed.
Allis Chalmers   to take a lawn chair and canopy.    We wish you all many blessings during
Featured Garden Tractor  
  the holiday season and look forward
Allis Chalmers & Simplicity       to a new beginning in 2022. Thank you
Featured Engines:     to all who helped in any way in keeping
Maytag & Briggs Stratton       our club active throughout the past year.
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OLD STEAM AND GAS CLUB - PO Box 125, Gratiot, OH 43740 - Membership form 
Dues are $15.00 per year per family including spouse and children under the age of 18, living in your household.
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