P.O. Box 125, Gratiot, Ohio  43740
Jan, Feb & March          NEWS LETTER                    2019
Our club meetings are the 3rd Sunday   Location: Tractor pulls are at Gaumer   The Christmas Party on Dec. 8th was
   of every month - 3:00 PM Dresden   Park unless otherwise noted.   attended by 50 members, family and
Fire Station - 21 W. 9th St., Dresden       friends. Santa visited, delivering gifts to
Unless otherwise noted.   DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE   the children, young and old. A delicious
          Our next meetings are:   TENTATIVE PULL SCHEDULE   pot luck dinner was enjoyed by all.  A
JAN. 20, 2019 – 3:00 PM       big thank you to Jennifer and her helpers
               Regular meeting   Garden Tractor Pull Schedule   for making this possible. Awards
    Kevin Drier, Chairman (740) 819-8215   were presented by Marti Prouty and
FEB. 17, 2019 – 3:00 pm   May 5  Gaumer Park - heavy/light           10AM   Kevin Dreier. Brad McCune presented
Regular meeting   May 27 Memorial Day Pull  light/heavy 10AM   three special awards.
    June 9 Gaumer Park -  heavy/light           10AM    
MARCH 17, 2019 - 3:00 PM   June 23 Gaumer Park - light/heavy          10AM   Winners of the 2019 annual raffle are:
Regular meeting   July 6    Gaumer Park - heavy/light            6 PM    
    July 18  Gaumer Park - light/heavy            6 PM    Massey Pedal Tractor: Eric Swank
2019 Club Officers   July 28  Gaumer Park - heavy/light          10AM      Donated by Charlie Ross/Ross Agri Mechanics
    Aug 3 Riverside Park, Dresden l/h          10AM   Christmas lap quilt: Joe Gutridge
BRAD McCUNE                    President   Aug 13 Musk. Co. Fair - heavy/light        8AM      Made & donated by Flo Noland
CALEB BAKER            1st V. President   Aug. 25 Gaumer Park -light/heavy          10AM   Hand Made Ford Quilt: Rick Warne
DAVE BLACKSTONE  2nd V. President   Sept 14  Guernsey Co Fair - h/l                10AM      Made & donated by Rhonda Prouty
MARTHA PROUTY               Secretary   Sept 22  Gaumer Park - light/heavy         10AM   $150.00 Cash: Alexander McCune
BARBARA GUTRIDGE          Treasurer   Oct 13   Gaumer Park - heavy/light          10AM   $50.00 Cash : Rick Warne
JULIE UPHOLD                Membership       Toy Ford Tractor/plow: Kathy Hanning
ANDY PROUTY                       Trustee   2018 in Review   Grapevine wreath: Ralph Wright
T.J. HOLDREN                         Trustee   The garden tractor pullers had a very   Fire/Smoke Alarm: Robert Dunlap
MIKE PROUTY                        Trustee   successful year with their new self-   Tonka Dump Truck: Gerald Hayes
FLO NOLAND                        Historian   propelled pulling sled operated mainly   Mystery Prize-Pigmey Goat: Luke Prouty
JENNIFER McCUNE            Food Chm.   by Mike Rodgers and their new track   Donated by Bill Knupp
    drag which was donated by Brett Wright    
    and operated mostly by Kip Lane. They   Three Free 2019 Memberships 
2019 Shows & Events   were able to sell their previous sled at the   Don Lahmers
April 28/May 5 - Colony Square Mall Show   end of the pulling season.  The club held   Kate Baker
June      Dresden Homecoming Parade   shows at the Colony Square Mall, also   Barbara Gutridge
July 6-Gaumer Park – Potluck dinner and   at Blackstone's Bloomfield Show, the    
cook out. Meat, buns, beverages & table   Muskingum County Fair and at the   To qualify for a free membership, your
   service provided. Bring food to share.   Beckett House in New Concord.   name is entered into this drawing each
   Followed by the garden tractor pull.   The annual tractor drive was held Aug.   time you attend a regular meeting and
July 7 New Concord Fireman's Parade   5th. Members also took part in parades   the drawing is held each December
July 24 Adamsville Homecoming Parade   at Dresden, Adamsville, New Concord,    
Aug. 4     Annual Tractor Drive 8 AM   the Muskingum County Fair and the   50/50 Drawing won by Rick Freese
Aug.10  Take displays to Musk. Co. Fair   Veterans parade in Zanesville.    
Aug. 17    Parade at the Musk. Co. Fair   We continued to enjoy our annual July   2019 FeatureTractors
Sept. 28 - Antique show at Beckett House   4th cook out/picnic, the wiener roast   Case & Cockshutt
Nov.9 Veterans Day Parade 9 AM lineup   and the annual Christmas Party/Awards   2019 Garden Tractor
Dec. 07 Dresden parade of lights   pot luck/dinner with Santa visiting and   Case
Dec.14  Christmas Party/Awards Dinner   presenting gifts to children, young & old.   2019 Featured Engine:
Dates subject to change throughout the yr   We regretfully lost 5 members this year.   Cockshutt &Fairbanks Morse
    Thanks to everyone for a successful year    
CONTRATULATIONS to our 1st VP, Caleb Baker and wife Kate on the birth of their daughter: Allis Leann
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Make check payable to The Old Steam & Gas Club & mail to P.O. Box 125, Gratiot, Ohio 43740
Dues are $15.00 per year per family including spouse and children under the age of 18, living in your household.
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