Lawn & Garden Tractor Pulling

Lawn and garden tractor pulling is a unique sport.  Here are a few tips about it as well as some tractor pulling safety factors.

So, What Exactly is Lawn and Garden Tractor Pulling?

Lawn and garden tractor pulling is a kind of a sport wherein a specially built tractor or vehicle is used to pull a sled, or a mechanical weight transfer machine.  The pulling is done on a clay or dirt track of a particular length, usually about 300 feet.  As the sled is pulled or dragged down the track by the tractor, weights, or ballast, that are in a box which is placed at the back end of the sled get transferred forward automatically on the sled's frame.  This weight transfer. or the constant increase in the weight, results in friction being created between the skid pan, which is a part of the sled's front side, and the track, making it increasingly more difficult to pull the sled, eventually resulting in the vehicle stopping.  The winner of this sport is not decided on which lawn and garden tractor pulls the fastest, but who can pull the sled furthest.  Hence, lawn and garden tractor pulling is not a race, but a pulling event.

In the early years of this sport, a part of the rules was that the vehicles had to stick to a certain speed limit, but that has been transformed with the modified vehicles of today attaining speeds of more than 125 mph.  Also, the sleds used these days are a far cry from the antiques of yesteryears, with gearing systems of such sophistication that they can move weights up to 65,000 pounds in order to stop the powerful lawn and garden pulling tractors that perform their dragging activities on the tracks each summer.

Here are a few tips about lawn and garden tractor pulling:

Lawn and Garden Tractor Pulling Builds Character: Lawn and garden pulling can be a safe and fun sport for kids and adults.  If played fairly, lawn and garden tractor pulling can help in building good sportsmanship ad character both in adults as well as kids.

Lawn and Garden Tractor Pulling is a Learning Experience: With this sport, children and adults can learn about the nitty-gritty of engines.  Once they understand the basics, they can also learn about modifying the motor according to the specifications of the sport.  Especially for children, apart from it being a science lesson, they can also get familiar with mechanic skills.  They will learn to use tools like ratchets and wrenches, and also other matters of the engine, such as why motor oil is used.  All participants in this sport must be well-versed in factors like the velocity and momentum required in lawn and garden tractor pulling.  Prior to the actual events such factors must be tested and honed.

Lawn and Garden Tractor Pulling is Challenging and Competitive: This sport can be very challenging, and the friendly competitiveness amongst the participants provides an opportunity to improve one's skills.  Novice garden tractor pullers will find it a learning experience talking to experienced pullers, who can provide a lot of useful tips on lawn and garden tractor pulling.

Improvement Involves Keeping Records:  Indeed, keeping records of the variables as well as the results of every lawn and garden tractor pulling event can help in improving one's skills.  A systematic way of comparing results can be created by keeping records of the condition of the track, modifications made to the tractor, as well as the distance pulled.  This kind of information will enable the participants in  keeping track of their progress.  For example, a participant will know which particular tires worked well with which track conditions, and what has been their improvement during a particular pulling season.

Lawn and Garden Pulling is Affordable and Fun: Yes, this sporting activity can be an affordable way for the whole family as well as friends to have great fun.  Just a small trailer or a pickup truck will be needed to haul the lawn and garden tractor to the pulling events.  Lawn and garden tractor pulling events provide an opportunity to family and friends to travel to other places, see interesting sights and the wonderful countryside.  In fact traveling back and forth from lawn and garden tractor pulling events is half the fun.  And if the event is held at a county fair, usually there are other fun activities as well.

Lawn and Garden Tractor Pulling Safety Considerations

* The sport has specific rules that must be followed by the participants.  For example, the tractor has to meet certain specifications.  These rules are emphasized in order to keep all the participants competitive as well as safe.

* Just as in other sports, such as football or baseball, it is necessary to wear safety gear when participating in lawn and garden tractor pulling contests.  While in some events they insist on wearing helmets, in others it may not be.  Although helmets may not be required, it is safer to use one.

* Plus, certain know-how such as a kill switch and a dead man's throttle will be necessary.  These are required so that if needed the participant should be able to turn the lawn and garden tractor off.

         While lawn and garden tractor pulling is certainly not the usual kind of leisure and sports activity most people like to follow or take part in, but is is growing rapidly as one of the major motor sports throughout the US, Canada, as well as ten other countries in Europe.

Written by Rita Putatunda

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